Heirs to a textile tradition of which our family has been a part for more than 60 years, we make the trends of each season available to pregnant women without neglecting quality and comfort.

We have a team dedicated to the search for fabrics, trends and the colors that are worn at all times to give life to garments that we all want to wear and, in the same way, we design each garment so that it is comfortable and can be used until the end of the pregnancy.

Our clients can make countless modifications to their garments. They can choose in which fabric and color they want each product. In addition, in our section "To your measure" we attend to special orders: a new color, adaptation of the garment to specific measurements... You can modify numerous aspects of the product.


In 1950 our family founded Manufacturas Cañamás, a business dedicated to knitting for children under the name “La Tortuga”.

In 1960 our grandmother embarked on an adventure by opening a factory manufacturing sayos, slips and other accessories for babies. At that time our mother would start with her textile hobby, since while she was studying she worked in the workshop and in the year 83 she started on her own, opening a children's clothing and accessories store for cribs in the center of Barcelona called "Bodoque". , a business that years later would lead to the wholesale sale of children's ceremonial fashion.

When my sister and I finished our studies in 2016, and after having our first children, we decided to design maternity clothes after suffering from a lack of supply in maternity fashion.

This is Bombü, a maternity fashion design and clothing company that was created with the aim of making pregnant women feel comfortable, beautiful and happy.