3 Tips for pregnant women in summer

During the summer there are some precautions that pregnant women should not lose sight of.

1. Hydration

Always, but in the case of pregnant women, it is important to have a good hydration. In the hot months the body loses a lot of water, so an extra contribution of liquid to our metabolism. Drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of seasonal fruit such as watermelon or melon will be key in this regard, they are also refreshing, satiating foods and with a very low caloric load.

In the case of extreme heat waves, it is essential not to leave the house during the hours of most suffocating temperatures and when leaving the house, always carry a bottle of water in your bag.

2. Circulation care

And we must not lose sight of weight control. With the heat, the circulation and inflammation of the extremities worsens and this is aggravated by the weight that we are gaining month by month during pregnancy. To alleviate these symptoms, it is recommended to take cold water baths in the legs and put them up whenever possible.

3. Skin care

Cristina Batres, pharmacist, nutritionist and expert in dermopharmacy reminds us that during pregnancy the appearance of spots on the skin due to sun exposure is highly frequent on the forehead, cheeks, "mustache" area and on the chin.

Batres points out the importance of avoiding the sun during the hours of greatest radiation and wearing a hat and clothing that protects your skin from the sun and using a good sunscreen broad spectrum with SPF50+ on the face and areas exposed to the sun. It is also important during pregnancy and lactation, in addition to using a good sunscreen to moisturize the skin regularly (to avoid the appearance of spots). facial, body and oral hygiene are also essential in this period, warn 123 Pharmacy.