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The essentials of June Lemon's maternity wardrobe

June Lemon, or rather, Marina Escolano, is the person behind a blog that exudes good taste and a different perspective. Fabulous recommendations and a privileged pen. She is also the mother of two children and in this interview she tells us about her pregnancies with a lot of common sense.

-How do you manage your pregnancies? What do you do to combat the most annoying symptoms?

The truth is that both times I have had very good pregnancies! I have not had many symptoms of nausea or tiredness. Perhaps what is most difficult for me is the last month of waiting, from week 36 and in which I am already beginning to think about when I will go into labor, to fantasize and wish that she is already with me... I lack patience!

- Do you follow any particular diet during pregnancy?

In this second pregnancy I did a futurlife 21 course in which I learned about anti-inflammatory diets and eating while choosing health and I must say that I loved it! Halfway through the pregnancy I completely lost the bloat and although I continue to gain weight, because it is the natural course of it, I feel stronger to have a good recovery because I choose better what I eat.

- First pregnancy mistakes you've learned from

As I've had good pregnancies, in the first one I acted like a super woman until the end and I arrived very tired when giving birth. This time I have tried to take better care of myself and think more about the baby, doing what my body asks of me and without forcing, trying to arrive more relaxed at the time of delivery. In my case, I inadvertently put too much pressure on myself with recovery, getting back into my body, getting my life back, coming to everything and it was exhausting. This time I have organized myself better, I am putting less pressure on myself and I am managing everything in a kinder way towards myself. It's amazing how self-demanding we can become and how frustrating this becomes with the arrival of a baby, because your day-to-day becomes much more confusing and unpredictable.

- What do you always carry in your suitcase for the hospital?

For him I bring 6 bodysuits and 6 pyjamas, 3 knitted sets made by my mother-in-law to make him handsome, a pacifier, changing table, nappies, wipes and two lullabies.

For me two pretty nightgowns, a robe, my toiletries bag and a bag with my essentials for breastfeeding: ointment, discs. I also wear disposable panties and Epixelle for stitches. It is also essential to bring flip-flops, a charger and entertainment of some kind: a book, the computer to watch a series, etc., especially while you wait for the contractions.

- What are the essentials in your maternity wardrobe?

From my maternity wardrobe, the key are the wide dresses with a flattering cut on the shoulders to avoid feeling baggy. I love going oversize but when you're already oversize, you don't find it so flattering anymore. So, both this pregnancy and the previous one, I got some clothes designed to fit throughout the pregnancy and especially in the final stretch. Since my baby is now in September, I have bought sundresses with gathered necklines and loose bottoms, long flowing kaftans, Mexican suits, flowing dresses with straps that reveal the clavicle and neck and very comfortable sandals that do not require any tying to avoid the feeling of a swollen ankle; and I say avoid the feeling because bloat bloat, but at least not make yourself more uncomfortable than necessary about it.

I have also prepared myself for after the pregnancy, since in my previous pregnancy I came home with my baby and I had to send my husband to Oysho because I did not have the breastfeeding part and everything I had was closed to the neck. So this time I bought nice and wide pajamas, with shirt buttons down the front that make me feel tidy but comfortable, especially in the first weeks postpartum. This is important to me since I have a terrible time spending the day in tracksuits or pajamas, so this time I have found a way to be comfortable but with a feeling of groomed.

- What advice would you give to a pregnant woman for the first time?

That she enjoy pregnancy as much as possible, which is a very magical moment that in general does not repeat itself more than once, twice, three times in a lifetime at the most for many women. Don't put too much pressure on being the same again. Spoiler: you will never be the same, you will be a new person. Do not be afraid of gaining weight because it is natural; enjoy the moment, praise your strong and powerful body because everything will return to its being with time and do not try to pretend that nothing has happened because the reality is that it has happened and a lot : a person has happened new for your body and that is precious; do not overload yourself with more, enjoy it and live it without regrets.