5 Keys to a maternity wardrobe

All pregnancies are different, and in this sense, we probably will not know what we are going to need in our maternity wardrobe or when we will need it. Our advice is to see as you go, since all guts do not evolve in the same way. There are pregnant women who wear their pants up to 5 months and others who at 3 already have to buy maternity pants.

But it is true that there is a list of reasonable basics that will help you dress these months without problems. Sitting down with paper and pencil will force you to put your head in and put aside compulsive buying. We want to help you identify 5 essential items so you don't fill your closets with things you'll never get to wear.


Jeans are a versatile garment. With some sneakers you can take them for a casual plan and with a sandal and some more elegant accessory you can take them to a more special occasion like a dinner with friends.


A basic white shirt is easily combinable with anything. And it can be perfect for a day at the office in which you need to be formal but comfortable and roomy to spend a lot of time sitting.


At Bombü we bet on total versatile looks, that you can wear equally with sneakers or with a heel. A two-piece velvet suit or any of our prints will serve you, from a wedding, to a work meeting or a morning of shopping and eating with friends.


When the pregnancy is advanced and the belly acquires a considerable size, the bib will be your best ally. With adjustable straps and an elastic band on the back, at Bombü we design them with maximum comfort in mind, so you forget you're wearing it! The tummy is tucked in and you can move freely and comfortably.


With pregnancy, circulation changes and fluid retention is usually quite common, which causes the legs to swell, sometimes more, sometimes less.

If you don't feel like going too short, long and midi dresses will be your allies at this time. In addition, the mid-leg cuts stylize and are enormously elegant. At Bombü we have several options and in all our collections we include pieces with these characteristics.