"The pregnant woman's diet must start from how she feels"

Elisabeth González is a nutritionist, teacher and author of the book Slow Nutrition, but above all she is a mother. Today we ask you about the keys to a good diet during pregnancy.

- What diet do you recommend taking during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a truly special time in a woman's health and life. It is important that the mother-to-be provide essential nutrients that allow her to live a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period, and that in turn, she provides all the nutrients that her baby needs for her growth.

But also, all this must be compatible with the different symptoms that occur during pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue, heartburn, etc. It will be useless to give a detailed paper with all the options when the mother barely has energy or is unable to eat.

That is why it is essential that a pregnant woman's diet start with how she feels, what her new preferences are, what she now dislikes, what makes her feel good, and from there , make sure it is rich in everything they both need.

- How much should we worry about what we eat or drink during pregnancy?

More than worrying, I think it's time to get busy. Understanding that everything mom eats during this period is what feeds her baby makes things easier. You just have to stop and ask yourself what would she give to the person she loves the most? And there we will have most of the answers. Motherhood gives us this opportunity, thanks to taking care of them, we take care of ourselves.

- Which foods do you recommend eliminating and which ones to enhance?

You have to eliminate all foods that are dangerous for the pregnancy to continue, such as raw animal foods, alcohol consumption, unpasteurized dairy products and unwashed vegetables. In my book Mama Slow they are all reflected. Also foods that, although they do not cause immediate danger, are related to a higher prevalence of complications such as gestational diabetes, preclapsia for the mother or high and low weight for the baby.

Many women think that they will barely be able to eat things and here is the key not only in what to suppress but also in what to enhance. As is the case with foods rich in iron, calcium, zinc, foods rich in magnesium and foods with a high content of tiny nutrients that are the key to taking care of circulation, swelling or improving rest, among other conditions.

- What is a slow mom like?

It's intuitive. She has given up the fight and has learned to connect with all the power within her. She listens to her needs and knows how to satisfy them in a simple way. She knows that it's the little big details that matter and she enjoys the pleasures that surround her, a sunset, her baby's soft skin, a delicious nutritional tonic, the breeze.

her From there she is able to radiate all her light to the world.

-Summarizing. 3 Keys to a good diet during pregnancy

Follow your intuition always

  1. Eat simple foods
  2. Acknowledge your symptoms and ask for help.
  3. Read my book Mama Slow you will find all the details to take care of yourself and your baby in this period and those to come.